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Cloud-based accounting software is crucial in helping organizations efficiently manage their day-to-day business processes. The systematic recording of financial transactions using cloud-based solutions enables the seamless production of quarterly and annual financial statements. METABILL's objective is to empower small and medium-scale traders through the Internet, providing them with the convenience and flexibility of cloud-based accounting software. SMEs can seamlessly join this digital revolution with METABILL, simplifying their business operations.

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Metabill is a cloud-based accounting and inventory management solution designed for small stores and industries. It simplifies daily tasks like sales, purchases, and payment receipts, while efficiently managing stock. Its robust reporting features cover GST reporting, e-way bills, and e-invoice integration, ensuring compliance. Additionally, it offers SMS functionality for communication and streamlines accounting processes for small businesses and industries alike. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Metabill optimizes operations, making it essential for businesses of all sizes.

MetaBill accounting software is like a powerful tool for businesses, making financial management easier with its user-friendly interface and customizable features. It seamlessly integrates security measures, scalability, and compliance, empowering businesses to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and confidently drive growth.

Features of Metabill

Daily Business Activities

In accounting software, Daily Business Activities involve recording transactions like sales, purchase, receipt, payments, and generating financial reports. These tasks ensure accurate financial records, efficient cash flow management, and informed decision-making for businesses.

Manage Stock & Inventory

Accounting software optimizes inventory management through tracking stock levels, purchase order generation, and data reconciliation, enhancing stock efficiency and meeting customer demand effectively.

Role Based Accessibility

Role-based access in accounting software assigns permissions based on users' roles, so they only see what's relevant. This boosts security, ensuring employee’s access only what they need for their tasks. It's essential for protecting financial data and preventing unauthorized access.

Customization now offers customization for sales invoices, delivery challans, receipts, vouchers, and reports, enabling clients to enhance productivity and streamline task management effectively.

Web and Mobile Accessibility

Responsive cloud-based accounting software provides web and mobile access via Android and iOS applications, allowing users to manage finances conveniently from any location with internet connectivity.

Track Your Expenses

Track your expenses effortlessly with accounting software. Easily monitor spending, manage budgets, and stay organized. Simplify financial management and make informed decisions for your business.

E-way and E-invoice

Facilitates of E-way & E-invoicing bill generation,simplifying tax compliance with one-click ease.It automatically generates and sends electronic invoices while creating E-way bills, ensuring smooth and legally compliant goods transportation for efficient operations.

GST Compliance

Metabill accounting software streamlines GST compliance through automated tax calculations, generating GST-compliant invoices, and simplifying GST return filing with include all GST Reports.

Review your Sales Growth

Review your sales growth effortlessly with accounting software. Track sales performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to drive business success. Simplify your sales analysis and optimize your strategies for growth.


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₹ 499 / Per Mon.

₹ 999 / Per Mon.

Sales and Purchase
Receipt and Payment
Organization / Company 1 2 5
Users 1 5 25
General reports
Proforma To Sales -
Challan To Sales -
Accounting Report -
E-Invoice - 500 Unlimited
E-Way Bill - 500 Unlimited
Mobile App -
Email Service -
Advance Report -
GST Reports -
Customized Dashboard - -
Batch Invoices - -
POS - -
GST Verification - -
Manage Stock Multiple Location - -
Customize Invoice Template - -
Low Stock Inventory Alert - -
User Level Access -
Address Book Maintain - -
Party Wise Price Lists - -
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